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Who We Are


We believe we are one of only a few, if not only independent firm, whose primary service offering is helping clients source, hire, and utilize third party investment banks for sales and private capital raises.   


We are unaware of any other independent firm who has the experience of having assisted more than 150 companies with the process of using a third party investment bank for a sale or private capital raise.   

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Segment Capital is an independent firm, working directly for business owners and management teams, and we receive no compensation except from our clients 

Segment Capital only works with a select number of clients at one time, and our founder, Evan Schwartzfarb, is actively engaged on every project

Our Values

  • Open and honest dialogue

  • Respect, fair dealing, and the highest personal and corporate integrity

  • Mutual success, grounded in hard work

  • Enjoying our work and the relationships that develop from it

To learn more about Segment Capital's experience and expertise in advising companies regarding a transaction process, please call or email us:

Contact:  Mr. Evan Schwartzfarb, / (917) 819-6944

Main Phone:  (917) 565-8098 

General Email:

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