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Our Services


Segment Capital is an independent consulting firm providing our
clients specialized investment banking consulting services

We assist companies identify, connect with, evaluate,
hire and manage an investment bank for a transaction


We also advise companies who want a little extra support on a
transaction without the expense of hiring an investment bank

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Investment Banking Consulting

Decision to Engage an Investment Banker

Segment Capital helps companies evaluate the merits of hiring an investment bank:



₋Market coverage

₋Evaluation of offers in hand

₋Corporate disruption

₋Confidentiality / privacy / market rumor

Source & Connect with the 'Right' Investment Bank

Segment Capital identifies and introduces investment banks who are the 'right' fit: 


-Industry knowledge

-Buyer/investor reach

-Interest in a client’s project

Negotiate and Hire
an Investment Bank
  • Guide the selection of an investment bank

  • Assist with the structuring of an investment banking engagement

  • Negotiate fee arrangements and pricing

  • Provide engagement best practices to codify and ensure proper alignment between banker and client

Client Support and
Utilizing & Managing an
Investment Bank
  • Provide client support related to document and financial analyses

  • Review banker work product throughout the process

  • Facilitate communication and dialogue

  • Serve as a client advocate and troubleshoot any issues to ensure client’s transaction goals are met

We Ensure Successful Sales and Capital Raises!
Decision to Engage
Negotiate and Hire
Canary Wharf London

Investment Banking Services

Assistance with an Existing Process or Transaction Opportunity 

Utilizing its experience, Segment Capital can also assist clients who desire a little extra guidance with a transaction without the full expense of hiring an investment bank: 

  • Create financial models and analyses of options

  • Research comparable trading multiples and research comparative transactions

  • Assist with set-up, organizing, and managing a data room

  • Assist with the development and review of strategic alternatives

  • Analyze and evaluate deal terms including valuation, transaction consideration, deal structure, and deal conditions

  • Aid with negotiations or response paths

  • Highlight considerations in accepting any strategic offers


To learn more about Segment Capital's experience and expertise in advising companies regarding a transaction process, please call or email us:

Contact:  Mr. Evan Schwartzfarb, / (917) 819-6944

Main Phone:  (917) 565-8098 

General Email:

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