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Meet Our Team

Dedicated to Client Success
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Phone:  (917) 819-6944 

Evan Schwartzfarb


With more than 25+ years of finance experience, Evan leads Segment Capital Advisors. Since starting Segment in 2017, he has worked with almost forty companies on an advisory project. 

Beyond directly assisting companies with sales, capital raises, and restructures, he is an acknowledged expert on the process of using third-party investment banks to sell a business or raise capital, and he has assisted and guided more than 150 business owners and companies through the process of hiring, utilizing, and managing a third-party investment bank. 

Evan previously led the day-to-day strategic client team at Barclays Wealth Americas (part of Barclays global investment bank), where he was directly responsible for guiding all clients in sale and capital raise transactions for businesses valued below $300 million.    


​Evan started his career as an investment banker, first with Bear Stearns and later with Lehman Brothers.   

BA, Harvard University, with honors

MBA, Columbia Business School, with honors 

Senior Team

Todd Schwartfarb Image9.png

Todd Schwartzfarb

Managing Director / Operating Parter

An accomplished entrepreneur himself, Todd built a technology business, which he still guides.  He has 20+ year history of working with business owners. 

BA, Harvard University


Susan Hoffman

Chief Administrative

With more than 35 years of administrative experience managing professional service firms, Susan leads Segment Capital's internal operations.  

BA, Hofstra

MA, University of Maryland

To learn more about Segment Capital's experience and expertise in advising companies regarding a transaction process, please call or email us:

Contact:  Mr. Evan Schwartzfarb, / (917) 819-6944

Main Phone:  (917) 565-8098 

General Email:

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